Ubisoft and Texas ENT Data Breach 2021- What’s Inside?

Cybercrime continues to grab global attention as cybercriminals adopt new tactics to conduct more sophisticated and stealthy attacks. It seems there’s not a day that goes by without a headline screaming that some organization has suffered a cyberattack, putting customers at risk.

Lately, two major firms, Ubisoft and Texas ENT, suffered a data breach that impacted millions of customers.

Let’s look into the details:

Hackers Target Ubisoft’s Just Dance

Hackers Target Ubisoft’s Just Dance

Ubisoft recently declared that it suffered a data breach after malicious actors intruded into its IT infrastructure targeting Just Dance.

Just Dance is a popular music-themed action video game developed by Ubisoft.

The video game company reported that the perpetrators exploited a system misconfiguration to gain unauthorized access to the personal data of players.

The compromised player data is limited to ‘technical identifiers,’ stated the company.

The hackers gained access to GamerTags, profile IDs, device IDs, and Just Dance videos that the players recorded and shared publicly with the in-game community and on their social media profiles.

The Just Dance team has mentioned that no Ubisoft account information was compromised because of the incident.

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However, the gaming company has not commented on the number of players affected by the data breach.

Ubisoft has quickly fixed the vulnerability as soon as it identified the breach, preventing further damage.

“We have taken all the proactive measures necessary to secure our infrastructure from future incidents, and we thank you for your understanding,” said Just Dance.

Over 535,000 Patients Impacted in Texas ENT Breach

Over 535,000 Patients Impacted in Texas ENT Breach

More than half a million (535,489) patients suffered a setback in what has become the biggest data breach reported to US Health Department in December.

Recently, the US healthcare provider Texas Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists (Texas ENT) experienced a data breach during which unauthorized parties accessed files containing patient information.

“With assistance from a third-party cybersecurity firm, we determined that unauthorized parties gained access to our computer systems and took copies of Texas ENT files,” informed Texas ENT.

The compromised data contained patient names, dates of birth, medical record numbers, and procedure codes used for billing purposes. Moreover, some files containing social security numbers were also illegitimately accessed.

However, the malicious actors didn’t access Texas ENT’s electronic medical records system.

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After acknowledging the breach, the healthcare provider mailed breach notification emails to all the affected patients. It also alerted its patients to be cautious about the malicious activities of the threat actors.

“We would like to remind our patients that it is always advisable to review the statements from healthcare providers for accuracy, and we recommend contacting your provider if you see services that were not received,” said Texas ENT.

The firm also said that they are offering complimentary identity monitoring services through Experian for those patients whose social security numbers were compromised.

Moreover, Texas ENT claimed that it is going the extra mile to secure its assets.

“We take patient privacy very seriously, and we regret any inconvenience this incident may cause our patients and their families. To help prevent something like this from happening again, we are further strengthening our existing privacy and information security program by implementing additional safeguards and technical security measures to protect and monitor our systems,” said Texas ENT.

How Can Companies Prevent These Data Breaches?

Data Breaches

Companies of all sorts instinctively focus on core business objectives, inadvertently putting security on the backburner. This is the case with Ubisoft and Texas ENT. Though fixating on essential business operations is vital for a competitive edge, overlooking cybersecurity could potentially shatter the business.

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