Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Texas, USA

Security is the most concerning factor for any industry today! Expanding computing solutions and evolving technology developments have simplified many critical and intensive tasks. Security risks evolved in parallel to the emerging developments, posing serious cyber threat and data breach challenges to organizations.

Eventually, it has become imperative for organizations to have security implemented across all critical functional areas. In the process, several security models evolved but threats did not stop and in fact advanced, throwing respective challenges to every new security model. With security being such a haunting factor, organizational attention to other aspects of innovation and business development took a side-track. This is where ‘Managed IT Security’ services proved an advantage!

Understanding Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT Security is merely a network security service outsourced safeguards organizations from the growing targeted and ever-evolving cyber security threats.

These services add value to organizations’ security efforts by facilitating defensive framework safeguarding infrastructure, systems and network monitoring optimizing security monitoring efforts and offering timely incident detection and response services. Put together, the Managed IT Security Service is composed of technical expertise backed by human intelligence targeted at building a robust security foundation and offering next-gen solutions for ever-evolving information security threats.

Understanding Managed IT Security Services

For this to achieve desired results, an effective Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is very crucial.

StealthLabs For ‘Managed IT Security Services’

StealthLabs can do this for you at offering you desired results.

Our team of information security professionals hold deep domain expertise and has been serving our many clients from Fortune 500 firms.

Offerings under StealthLabs Managed IT Security Services include:

Network Security Monitoring

Analyzing security stance, detecting anomalies, applying security intelligence, generating real-time analytics and e-Discovery are key aspects part of this service offering.

Data Center Operations

Server and storage operations, performance monitoring, backup and recovery, alerting and management, infrastructure utility and relocation services are part of this service offering.

Security Administration

Administering systems and network security, protecting data and devices, vulnerability checks to hardware or software or electronic data, and streamlining services are part of this service offering.

Vulnerability Management

Your regulatory and compliance frameworks would require vulnerability management involving regular scanning, detailed reporting and remediation tasks to mitigate potential risks.

Data Discovery

Data discovery, as a combination of collection and analysis, is crucial to gaining insights from hidden patterns and trends, and harness organization’s data potential for informed decision-making.

Wireless Rogue Detection

Rogue Discovery, Rogue Detection, Rogue Containment and implementation of Rogue Location Discovery Protocol (RLDP) are among other key offerings under this service.

Managed Security Service Provider MSSP

Our Managed Security Services add high value to your business by way of:

Increased security

Ease in security management

Reduced compliance and regulatory burden

Streamlined audits and examination

Maximized efficiency

Effective risk management

Streamlined audits and examination

Increased threat predictability and mitigation

End-end monitoring

Cost control

Content filtering

Robust firewalls