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Manufacturing is the face of industrial ecosystem because of continuous innovation and a wide range of processes, techniques, devices and functions involved.

Given this fact, it’s of no surprise in saying that the manufacturing industry can be one of the attractive targets to cybersecurity risks. The changing global marketplace has transformed the way the industry operates, from driving innovation to applying methods, process and technology smarter than ever.

Resultant is what we see around in today’s manufacturing processes, IoT, connected products, automated supply chains, and more.

But what most manufacturing players still continue to miss is lack of proper cyber risk programs and what’s surprising is ‘many companies still fail to realize the stunning consequences of this security gap’.

What Surveys Say?

  • Manufacturing continues to be behind other sectors in the maturity of enterprise cyber risk security programs
  • Around 50% of manufacturing firms are either little confident or even less about their organization’s security stance, internally or externally
  • More than 40% of enterprises lack funding support due to the fact that ‘cybersecurity’ has never been a top-of-mind issue before
  • Nearly 39% of organizations report experiencing some cybersecurity threat in the last six months with losses in the range of USD 1-10+ million
  • 50% of organizations perform Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerability checks less than once in a month
  • While 35-45% use smart sensors and connected devices, only 55% have their data encrypted; 35% don’t even have connected products for IRP; Only 75% performed an end-to-end assessment of these connected ecosystems
  • 31% of firms haven’t done any ICS assessment so far
  • 25% of firms don’t even have that part of Incidence Response Plan (IRP)

It’s Time to Act!

Risk assessment, followed by data loss prevention, training and awareness, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Regulatory and compliance continue to be the top cybersecurity initiatives (for the near term) for the advanced manufacturing processes.

Intellectual Property (IP) is one crucial aspect in the manufacturing industry that is attracting cyber intruders, which typically includes theft of blueprints of confidential information, unique assembly processes and formulae to replicate.

And, intruders were in most cases found to be confident about the ‘weak’ security arrangements in manufacturing processes.

They are of hope that the manufacturer’s network is less protected, and typically lacks required cyber security tools and processes.

Moreover, the supply-chain offers more scope for intruder attacks, directly hitting on the customer side of the business.

As the studies show, IT or information security is not just a concern for the manufacturer’s IT department but also operations and leadership too.

All this naturally leads to loss of intellectual property, data loss, breach of compliance and regulatory, high recovery costs, and more impacting your overall manufacturing output.

It’s so alarming that one-third of manufacturers admit ‘lack of proper cybersecurity practices’, which is in fact playing crucial as part of contractual agreements in business deals.

Considering this scenario, its high time to have a perfect information security plan in place for your manufacturing process. Looking for one?

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