Identity Management (IdM) Solutions in Texas, USA

Advent of digital transformation process has changed the organizational landscape across industries. Coupled with technology advancements, this digital journey opened up avenues for large and complex networks, driving the infrastructure migration beyond on-site requirements to cloud platforms.

This level of infrastructure expansion created scope for more identities and eventually demanded additional controls, protocols, compliance and privacy policies for organizational security.

Exactly at this juncture arrived the dire need for ‘Identity Management’!

Understanding Identity Management (IdM)

Identity Management, also commonly referred to as Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Identity and Data Management (IdM), is the program that performs a wide range of duties to ensure optimal security through efficient access control in an organization.

IDM core objectives include:

  • Audits and assessments
  • Risk Identification
  • Threat control
  • Data analysis and report generation
  • Finding appropriate access control mechanisms
  • Establishing effective IAM solutions
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Why IDM Services?

International-level institutional surveys find critical need for IDM or IAM services across industries, as evident in their below findings:

USD 3.5 million

Data breach losses reported due to weak identity management and improper security practices in 2018

USD 40-350 million

Cost of losses caused by breaches that involved more than 1 million records

Of breaches involved access to privileged credentials 8%
Of businesses enjoy visibility to all critical data 7%
Of businesses possess complete visibility of their user information 20%
IT professionals lack cybersecurity incident response plans 77%
Of breaches are due to external threats as a result of loopholes like outdated identification and authentication methods 75%
IT professionals consider ‘targeted phishing’ as their biggest network security threat 56%

The above figures shed light on the significance of access control and the need for determining IDM solutions. And, its needless to say that Identity Management stands at the core for any organization.

Looking for Support?

StealthLabs can help you!

StealthLabs has been one of the early adopters of the Identity Management (IdM) Consulting services with strong domain expertise and excellence in approach. Our client base and business partnerships span across US cities and states including Texas, California, New York, Michigan, Virginia among others.

Our extensive portfolio of IDM services includes:

Built on effective strategy, roadmap and architecture, this service ensures real-time, intelligent and authorized access to data and applications

Identity data analysis, installation and configuration, program governance and operational assistance are part of this service

Enterprise-level Governance, process and control implementation, Data protection and metadata analysis are part of this service offering

StealthLabs Identity Governance services ensure high business value through:

  • Easy and authorized access
  • Improved user experience
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Effective access control
  • Minimized IT costs

Wait no more! Get the industry benchmark services from StealthLabs.