Panasonic Breached! Canadian Operations Compromised

Technology organization Panasonic has suffered a cyberattack, and the breach has affected its Canadian business operations. This incident came to light after it fell prey to threat actors less than six months ago.

Panasonic put out a statement that affirmed that it suffered a “targeted cybersecurity attack” in February. The attack targeted and affected some servers, networks, and processes. “We took immediate action to address the issue with assistance from cybersecurity experts and our service providers,” stated Panasonic spokesman Airi Minobe.

“This included identifying the scope of impact, containing the malware, cleaning and restoring servers, rebuilding applications, and communicating rapidly with affected customers and relevant authorities.”

The Incident

Malware Research

As per the malware research group VX-Underground, which collects malware data and its samples, Conti, a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) gang, has claimed responsibility for the incident. RaaS gangs such as Conti generally lend their ransomware resources to other hackers to share in the ransom’s spoils.

The same gang previously breached the network of Fat Face, Shutterfly, and Irish healthcare services. Conti has claimed that they made off with about 3 gigabytes of data belonging to Panasonic’s Canadian operations.

Conti purportedly uploaded those files to its leak page. From spreadsheets to internal data, various files purportedly belonging to Panasonic HR and the accounting department have been uploaded on Conti’s page.

When the data was spotted in the wild, Panasonic didn’t deny the incident and didn’t contest the speculation that the breach was a ransomware attack. However, the company declined to elaborate on what all data was compromised, and it didn’t provide any details on how many individuals were affected by this incident. But the Japanese giant affirmed that the breach impacted its Canadian operations.

“Since confirming this attack, we have worked diligently to restore operations and understand the impact to customers, employees, and other stakeholders,” Minobe added. “Our top priority is continuing to work closely with affected parties to fully mitigate any impacts from this incident.”

It is also unclear whether Conti demanded any ransom and if Panasonic paid any ransom. However, this incident is the second such breach in less than a year. Last year, in November, Panasonic acknowledged that a ‘third party breached its network, and “some data on a file server had been accessed during the intrusion.” Later, the Japanese company admitted that the threat actors had made away with data belonging to job candidates and interns.

In a separate incident, Panasonic India was affected by a ransomware attack, and the hackers wound up releasing four gigabytes of data. This leak included financial information and personal mail addresses.

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