Incident Management Solutions (IMS)

No one knows where the threat comes from! This is the most common concern for most industries in the current industry scenario. Threat landscape is evolving with every passing day and intruders are finding more ways supported by digital transformation efforts of organizations.
So, a cyber incident can happen any time and every minute counts!
This is where ‘Incident Management’ has a crucial role in addressing breach incidents and events, to keep the business running.

Defining Incident Management

Incidence Management refers to the act of dealing with unexpected threat incidents or breaches through a well-defined process, to ensure organizational preparedness for future security risks.

These incidents can be cyber threats, malicious software, data intrusion, intellectual property theft, financial crimes, loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), insider threats, destructive attacks, among others.

In such a scenario, teams should be capable of handling crisis and communication in a timely manner and effectively.

Faster the response, faster and better will be the chances of recovery from failure.

Stealthlabs Defining Incident Management
Stealthlabs Scope of Incident Management

Scope of Incident Management

The scope of Incident Management involves following stages:

  • Stage when incident was reported
  • Assessment and identifying the solution
  • Bringing back the business to the normal state
  • Aftermath the event, focused on preparedness for future incidents

Incidents and Events are often most confused in terms. While event refers to an attempt made to perform a threat, incident is the situation that reports threat caused by denial-of-service or an unauthorized access.

Do You Know?

USD 1 million

Approximate cost that 30-day-long incident response efforts can cause to an organization

Of organizations lack a proper incident response plan 75%
Of organizations have plans that are non-operative or outdated 47%

There are many such incidents globally that report the cumbersome effects of a threat or breach incident.

Is your organization facing similar challenges? Then incident response experts and cyber threat professions might be your need of the hour!

Looking for Support?

If you are an organization looking for immediate assistance against a potential breach or a cyber threat incident or event, StealthLabs is right in front!

StealthLabs holds extensive domain expertise in offering Incident Management services. Our team of highly-skilled threat detection, incident responders, incident retainers, incident evaluation and assessment experts can relieve your risk-related tensions. We have dealt with industries of all sizes across various US locations including California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, among others. We welcome the new partnerships!

Our Incident Management Services portfolio comprises of:

1. Incident Response

We hold proven experience in dealing with high-level security risks and data breaches, which help us provide tailored solutions for our clients. Our Incidence Response services cover:

  • Incident Response Planning
  • Malware Detection
  • Network Performance
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Forensics Analysis
  • Crisis and Communication Management

2. Incident Retainer

Our retainer team will be a step ahead in strengthening your security posture, approaching you well before an incident starts affecting your business. Our Incident Retainer services cover:

  • Immediate response
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Rapid incident evaluation
  • IT investigations
  • Effective Evidence handling
  • Electronic data recovery
  • Incident preparedness

3. Compromise Assessment

Every Compromise Assessment we perform will be followed by a detailed report and analysis we provide to our clients for future readiness. Our Compromise Assessment services cover:

  • Complete scope of the incident
  • Information breached or lost
  • Actionable reports including
    • Executive summary
    • Detailed investigation
    • Remediation measures
IT Security Solutions and Services

StealthLabs Incident Management Services ensure you following business benefits:

Early recovery from failures

Greater visibility

Meet risk and compliance objectives

Planned response to attacks

Effective incident decision-making

Business continuity

Minimized threat vulnerability

Control security expenditure

Control security expenditure

Intelligent insights

List not exhaustive! Many other key services are part of our Incident Management Services offering.